Technology has changed the taxi, hotel and take-out industries.


Shared Economy Drives into Parcel Delivery Business

Online shopping and e-commerce drive a spike in delivery charges as traditional freight forwards struggle to keep up with demand. Capacity management puts a strain on small owner operators. Dead-load and poor route management increases the negative environmental impact of transportation emissions. 

R&A Express is a free app that allows ride share drives, private citizens and couriers to be matched up with parcel delivery in their immediate area at the time of request. 

Small Business


Sending packages is now affordable. E-commerce has increased the demand for courier services. Which has increased transportation prices and increased wait times. 

How to send packages

  • Install RAAexpress app from the Google Play, or App Store

  • Register package information.

  • Select destination cities to see price per package. The price is set to send a package with dimensions under L + W + H = 90 (inches), and less than 33 lbs.

  • A driver will come to pick up, and deliver.

Door to door express delivery

Drivers will come to pick up at your location, and deliver straight to receivers.

Around the Clock

Pick up or deliver after business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Real-Time Tracking

See delivery photos and know every update status.

Lost-Liability Insured

Every package is guaranteed in escrow for $60 CAD lost liability. 

Easy to Use

Find all information in one page.

Environmentally Friendly 

Reduce carbon emissions by shipping through RAAexpress.


  • Post photos of delivery items on RAAexpress app.

  • Leave descriptions and delivery notes.

  • Set a reasonable, and attractive price by multiplying standard destination price.

How it Works

A better way to ship | Locations we deliver to now


  • A driver searches packages and book delivery; or the driver registers trip information for upcoming packages.

  • The sender pays delivery fees.

  • The driver goes to pick up, and finishes the delivery.


  • Senders, and drivers can only use one phone number to register the account. RAAexpress will get users' photo ID, and direct deposit information.

  • Compensation fee is for each package that has a size less than L + W + H = 72'', and under 33 lbs. Each location will has correspondent compensation fee per package.

  • You will see all photos of the delivery packages.

Are you a ride-share driver?

A better way to DOUBLE-UP on trips | How to get packages

  • Install RAAexpress app on the Google Play, or App Store.

  • Fill out profile information.

  • Search for available packages, or register your trip for upcoming packages.

  • Switch to be a driver, or sender with the same account in RAAexpress app.

Want free gas, and some breakfasts?

  • Have extra spaces at the back of vehicles, and drive to your destinations anyway. Fill up some packages to deliver, and help to offset transportation costs.

Pay out daily

  • Drivers will get paid after every delivery. Depending on different banks, it may take one to two days to deposit your account.

Help environment

  • Maximize use of resources and spaces in empty vehicles while driving.

Growing Coverage

A better way to ship | Locations we deliver to now

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