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This groundbreaking technology transforms cold water in your washing machine by infusing it with nature’s most powerful cleaning agents. This advanced laundry system has the most effective oxidizers present and active to deep clean your laundry.  The most respected hospitals and hotels in the world have been utilizing the science behind the Oxidize It™ Detergent-Less Laundry Solution for years .

Now it’s time for you to discover the benefits of this technology for yourself. 

VALUE TO YOUR FAMILY: Total Cost of Ownership

Did you Know? Every time you buy a washing machine,

you make a lifetime commitment to buying detergents, bleachers and softeners ?

  • Detergent, bleach or softeners not needed.

  • Works on top-loaders, front-loaders, and high efficiency systems. Adjustable pressure gauge. 

  • No need to sort clothes by darks and lights, whites and colors, bleed elimination with no hot water.

  • Clothes will feel softer and more fluffy, no residue.

  • Fabric life is extended, no harsh chemicals.

  • Installation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Rinse cycle works as a second wash cycle

  • Proven oxidation technology, found in hospitals and hotels for 30+ years.

  • Save on energy for hot water, shorter drying time and elimination of Detergent, bleach and softeners cost.

  • Ideal with families with skin sensitivities and irritation from fragrances or processed chemicals.

  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Take control of your laundry. Bring professional grade technology in home and stop burning consumables to take care of your busy family. 

Detergent Free Alternative 

Oxidize It: Detergent-Less Residential Laundry System

OxidizeIt is a detergent-free, in-home laundry system that converts water into powerful non-toxic oxidizing cleansing agents. Oxidize It detergent-less residential laundry solution is guaranteed to improve the performance of your washing machine, fabrics and health.


How does Oxidize It™ work? It infuses the cold water running into your household with nature’s most powerful cleaning agents.


Oxidize It™ is a path breaking detergent-less, non-chemical product. We have a list of all the key benefits associated with Oxidize It™.


Save Money with Oxidize It™. In its estimated life span of 10 years, you could potentially save thousands of dollars!


Scientific Report Examines Oxidize It™ Technology, and explains how oxidation does work to remove stains from laundry.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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