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Courtesy of Merchant Advance Capital


Used a Merchant Advance to Secure Inventory Assets.

60 Orwell St #121,

North Vancouver, BC V7J 3R5

What was it that first prompted you to seek out our services?

As a new business, banks wouldn’t give us the time of day. We needed an advance to grow our business, and our accountant suggested Merchant Advance as an alternative that was more flexible than a bank traditionally would be.

How have you used our funds to grow your operation?

We’ve been able to increase our assets (and thereby our sales) much faster than if we didn’t
have access to capital. Our growth has been phenomenal; three years in, Bluedog Guitars has been recognized twice as a Top 100 Musical Instrument Dealer (and Rookie of the Year) by the NAMM organization – huge accomplishments for us!! Merchant Advance has allowed us to grow our business much faster than we would have been able to on our own.

We’ve worked together since 2012 and you’re on your 10th advance with us. How has the relationship developed and how has our partnership worked for your business?

Merchant Advance has always seemed genuinely interested in Bluedog Guitars: the first person we met, C.E.O. David Gens, is a musician – so he was passionate about our business and what we do here at the shop! Alex and the rest of the team have always been quick to respond to our requests and have been super helpful and prompt every time.

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