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There are over 1M small businesses in Canada. Due to high risk exposure, since the 2008 financial crisis. Traditional banking underwriting criteria has become more restrictive. Alternative financing is attractive for established businesses that just don't meet the risk threshold of conventional lenders.


Our partners in 2008 expanded merchant services to offer businesses an alternative source of short-term working capital.


Over the next 10 years, we predict a major explosion in this financial services sector. We are here to foster and encourage the dreams of entrepreneurs and the families and communities they support. 

The construction services industry in Canada is facing a crisis that most are not planning for. There is a major workforce shortage in the construction industry, as experienced trades are retiring quickly but not being replaced by millennials. We predict over the next 10 years, demand will continue to outpace supply, the cost of construction services will increase exponentially. Putting a strain on real estate owners that can't increase rent, to recoup high capital and maintenance project costs, as the slowing global economy has a negative impact on tenant demand.


We have established strategic national partnerships that will in time become a reliable, cost effective, alternative to traditional tendering. What to learn more about the Perue Global national service experience ? [ Learn More ]

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The Canadian construction industry has been controlled by major monopolies for decades. We give consumers unparalleled access to deeply discounted, everyday products and services. From materials to tools, we hope to be global hub for all standard, unspecified, building materials. Amazon offers the latest in e-commerce and distribution support. We have also partnered with RAAExpress to bring the "Uber Delivery" model to the commercial parcel delivery sector. 

Perue Global is leading edge and creates trends or adopt early trends before they reach critical mass. We help manufacturers and distributors reach greater markets and move idle inventory. We help consumers and contractors gain access to everyday low price products.  


Canadian Federation of Independent Business | CFIB

Fighting for Canadian Small Businesses. We endorse CFIB | Join Today >

Small businesses face many challenges as they compete for market share and fight for tight margins. 97% of all businesses in Canada are small business, although they aren't all independent. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business offers the best voice for small businesses. With only 110,000 members of over 1M small businesses in Canda, we need to support CFIB, so we have a strong advocate for lower taxes, better regulations and a stronger small business environment.