"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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Flexible terms, affordable monthly payments.

Borrow amounts from $1,000 to $500,000 to help build your business in whatever way you need, with no early repayment penalties.

Rates starting at 5.9%.

Flexible terms, affordable monthly payments.

Leaders in Alternative Small Business Financing

Perue Global was created to help small businesses between $1M - $5M scale their local business, nationally, then globally. Our goal is to help you achieve unrestrained growth...$100M+, by accessing new markets. We are a new company, so to gain immediate traction and market penetration we have made several strategic partnerships to enhance our global product/service offerings. 

Perue Global is a strategic national broker for three of the largest and fastest growing alternative financing companies in Canada. By leveraging the synergy in our partners' businesses and combine the latest technology. We are able to provide small businesses across Canada, fast and easy financing.


Our knowledgeable advisors will guide you through the entire process from application to funding. You are our #11 priority so we will work hard for the banks to compete for your business. Ultimately, your own credit risk will determine your interest rate. 

"As of December 2017, there were 1.18 million employer businesses in Canada. Of these, 1.15 million (97.9 percent) were small businesses, 21,926 (1.9 percent) were medium-sized businesses and 2,939 (0.2 percent) were large businesses."(Industry Canada, 2019) Therefore small businesses are the most important sector in GDP contribution and job creation.


Our goal is to become Canada's largest and most convenient broker of small business financing.  "More than half of Canada's small employer businesses are concentrated in Ontario and Quebec (417,742 and 236,705 respectively). Western Canada has a large number of small businesses led by British Columbia, which had 179,517 small businesses as of December 2017. In the Atlantic region, Nova Scotia has the greatest number of small businesses at 28,874." (Industry Canada, 2019)

Small and medium-sized companies are the most important sector of the economy, but often are systematically unsupported. We hare here to help businesses grow. 


Industry Canda. Key Small Business Stats- January 2019. Government of Canada. Retrieved from: http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/061.nsf/eng/h_03090.html







Notre Partenaire Québécois

Supernova Capital est le leader Québécois du prêt alternatif pour PME.

Un fond de 2 milliards pour propulser les étoiles d'ici.  


Les meilleurs taux

Grâce à l'appui d'un fond de 2 milliards, nous offrons les meilleurs taux aux PME québécoises.

Les meilleurs termes

Nous adaptons nos termes à votre capacité de remboursement, quand vous en avez le plus besoin

Le meilleur service

Nos spécialistes vous écoutent, vous accompagnent et s'assurent de surpasser vos attentes.

Supernova Capital

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