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Convert aging assets into fresh working capital 

Alternative Financing Leaders over $200M in small business financing in Canada.

Grow Your Business Without Using 3 C's; Capital or Collateral or Credit.

Our Equipment Leasing program gives you easy access to lease-to-own equipment that your business needs to improve operational efficiencies, lower production costs and increase productivity or profits.

Our partner advisors work with clients and offer longer term, secured financing options for equipment lease finance that allows them to finance or lease industry specific equipment:

> Trucks & trailers

> Dry cleaning and industrial service equipment.

> Aircrafts and high aerospace instruments.

> Fabrication and chemical processing equipment.

> Large scale manufacturing equipment.

We serve the  transportation, constructions, oil and gas, mining and forestry, and manufacturing sectors to provide them with financing heavy-duty equipment purchases.

How Easy is it to Get an Equipment Lease?

Getting your lease is simple. Apply fast and easily online, choose your terms and let us tailor a program that works for you.
Purchase equipment without spending valuable working capital that could be used for hiring, marketing and other growht investments. Our private lending network supports all types of business owners, from those with poor credit to those who simply prefer to get a quick loan instead of a length process with your local bank.

How Does a Lease Work?

You pay a monthly lease payment and will have a purchase option at the end of the term, making it easy to purchase equipment but with a deferred payment plan. We’ll work with you to design a program custom tailored to your unique business needs. Depending on the impact to your business and nature of equipment, we can accommodate terms between 24 and 60 months. Our advisors will help you grow your business so you can make a profit while you repay the loan. At the end of the term, you can purchase the equipment out right our refinance. Make a profit while you pay. 

How Long Does it Take ?

From the time you make a request online to funding, this process can take 3-5 days depending on the complexity of the request. Compared to a local bank that may take a few weeks with a high risk of denial. From funding to equipment delivery, this process varies from case to case, please speak to your advisor about Perue Global approved vendors in your area. Anticipate 5- 30 days for equipment delivery, your advisor with discuss logistics and any import duties that may apply. 

Can I get Cash out of my Old Equipment?

Yes, secure additional financing by leveraging or collateralize your existing free and clear equipment. We accept low credit scores as well as equipment which is 20-25 years old. Our team has successfully financed businesses in the mining, construction, aviation, marine, transportation, manufacturing and oil & gas industries secured by the owner's assets.

Can I get Cash out of my Existing Equipment that is Paid For, or Almost Paid For?

Absolutely. In many cases we can get you cash against equity you have in equipment. This is usually when the equipment has a fairly long term use, such as heavy equipment, transportation equipment, but can apply to many different types of equipment. No request is too unique!

Can I get lease finance for Commercial Fixtures i.e. HVAC and Roofing?

This is a challenging issue for most real estate owners that finance major capital projects that become affixed to real estate. Once this equipment becomes permanent attached to the real estate. There is an immediate fiduciary and legal conflict as to who has the primary security position. We eliminate this problem entirely by providing the contractor with unsecured short term working capital to deliver the project successfully. 

Can I get lease financing for other Real Estate capital projects?

This can be challenging, but capital Projects that are good for your business such as energy conservation or sustainabiltiy and land fill diversion will be funded easily. SmartLoans are specifically designed for real estate owners, asset managers, property managers and facility. We have helped owners upgrade their; Roof, HVAC, BAS, Parking, Interior Finishes, Fixtures and Equipment.

This product is not new, in fact this financing model has been used extensively in most major industries for decades. There are many ways to repackage the underlying financial service. Talk to one of our advisors and find out how we can help you with your equipment leasing challenges.

Learn more by contacting one of our agents today.