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Our team has over 100 years of combined construction services experience in Canada. From building envelope; roofing, cladding & glazing to HVAC & Flooring. We offer full-service construction management including national vendor relationships, contract management, project management and support to asset and property managers with ongoing maintenance and warranty management.

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National Service

The latest way to manage your national portfolio. Tailored business solutions for modern project management challenges. Your company can no longer compete in a vacuum, we operate in a competitive national, more so global economy. Our approach is based on advanced project management principles. We are not contractors, consulting engineers, manufacturers or distributors. We are all of these things, as we come alongside the owner to develop a tailored, well managed program with clear goals, project charter, milestones and real time project controls. Most service providers are one dimensional; construction, technical specification, product development, quality control etc. As the first truly independent business consultant designed to leverage the buying power of their client's to gain access to low cost products are services. 


We solve two (2) major issues;

1. Asset Management - The weighted average cost of capital is increasing monthly coupled with economic uncertainty that drives down real estate demand and monthly recurring income. These capital projects have an amplified negative effect. We help our client's gain access to short term, unsecured working capital and connect them with local service providers in their area. For national or global players we can leverage your buying power to see what the market volume discounts can apply for your unique business situation.

2. Property Management - Deferred maintenance items are starting to catch up with all large scale real estate owner. If you have a 1-2% failure rate, that converts to hundreds of daily tenant calls, perhaps in-house and outside property management teams. Unfortunately, your operation will continue to grow, profits will fall and your team will still feel like they can't keep up. We help our client's develop a series of small projects, a national program that; develops a sustainability strategy, prioritizes maintenance over repairs and extends the service life of the asset. As the cost of the asset depreciates overtime, the longer the service life, the greater the yield or profit.

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vendor   relations

Your vendors are very important to your business. They are an integral part of your supply chain.  But what if one let's you down? That can negatively impact your business. Eliminate that risk by working with a broker. We will ensure you have a pool of products or service providers that meet your pre-qualification criteria. We will build a program online that allows you to view your contractor's pre-qualification documents and request service calls or re-order supplies. 

Asset Management

Unexpected major capital projects like Roofing and HVAC negatively impact your portfolios financial performance.

We help asset managers improve performance in two ways;

1. In the event there is unexpected system failure, we can help you to reduce your expense by providing access to exclusive products and services. 

2. Prevent capital expenses, by extending the service life of major equipment and fixtures i.e roof, HVAC & flooring

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Property Management

National Service offers property managers unparalleled service coverage, responsiveness, cost savings and ease of business. 

Over the years we have developed a national network of construction service providers. Through a network of manufacturers, distributors, consultants and contractors we offer same day national emergency leak calls, HVAC repair and disaster response. 

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Project Management

Have you noticed that most PMs don't deliver successful projects?


Advanced Project Management Advisory Services

Take the risk out of the project by working with a performance based compensation structure. Your consultants get paid, whether or not the project is successful. Our client's holdback 10-25% of the contracted fee as a performance bonus. We pass on this structure to manufacturers and contractors in the network.This allows local contractors to bid on your work, or bring your own contractor but benefit from a 3rd party, trusted PM advisor. 

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InLight LED Solutions (InLight) is a state of the art LED lighting company based in Bolton, Ontario. InLight is in the business of retrofitting energy efficient LED Lighting products and systems. InLight's mission is to provide clients with affordable cost-saving energy solutions; increasing client profitability while helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

InLight's employees have decades of practical experience in retrofitting manufacturing facilities, multi-residential properties, retail stores, warehouses and distribution centres across Canada. Our turnkey consultative approach provides clients with the confidence that they will receive maximum return on their investment, an installation will be completed on time and on budget, with the highest quality warrantied components. We are a privately owned Canadian business who looks forward to growing, one job at a time!


The best way to manage your national roofing projects. We bring manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and contractors together to deliver your projects as specified and below budget. 

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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