Yes. The creditors you are paying every month do not own your debt any longer. They sold your debt!  They are only servicing the debt, which means they are collecting payments on behalf of a third party, who they sold your debt to, but rest assured your creditors are no longer the rightful owners of your debt!

“Banks will not allow you to participate in the conveyance process”

But we can! We have the largest private investor alliance in Canada

Our main objective is to lower your total payment, lower your interest rates and reduce your debt by thousands (by a minimum of 25% of what you owe your creditors).

Our Program


First, we will show you how to reduce your unsecured debt such as loans, credit cards, student loans, lines of credit and payday loans, while reducing your debt by thousands of dollars when you use a private lender.

Then, once you prove yourself by paying six consecutive payments to your unsecured debt consolidation loan, we will arrange it so that your secured debt, such as car loans and mortgages, can be included in your debt consolidation loan.

We do not consolidate loans you owe to friends and family.


This system is the most easy to qualify for, than any other service in the marketplace, due to the revolutionary concept we work within!

If you can prove your ability to pay back the loan, proving income and employment, then your approval is guaranteed.

If you are a business owner, on a pension or government compensation, who can prove income and the ability to pay back the loan, your approval is guaranteed.

And if you have bad credit? No problem.

When qualifying with our system, the type of debt you have is more important than your credit score.

Why? After analyzing your debt load, if we are confident your creditor sold your debt, your approval is guaranteed.


Every Canadian needs to be aware of the following information:


Why does this not affect your credit?


You are not negotiating due to not having the money to pay the creditors out, you are negotiating due to the fact your creditor does not have the proper paperwork proving they are still the rightful owners of the debt.

Really, at this point you can see how the banks have no right to collect anything due to the fact if they sold the debt they already got paid and no longer own the debt. Were we to forward them the funds, they would be paid twice.

The truth of the matter is that the Canadian system is not ready to allow people to fully discharge their debts, but together with a private lender negotiating a minimum 25% discount while being released from the compound interest trap, while not affecting your credit report, is a very realistic expectation.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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