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Affordable, Secure, Fast  & Convenient International Payment Services

Best Rates: A Smarter Way To Transfer Money

Powered by Agility Forex, through a strategic partnership with Kingsmen Capital and Merchant Advance Capital. We give our exclusive network access to low cost foreign exchange services. We can beat the banks' rates retail rates because our platform gives you exclusive direct access to global inter-bank foreign exchange rates. The latest technology allows our partners to securely bypass the banks and deliver the best prices directly to you on your tablet or mobile device.

Why Merchant Advance Payments?

Global money transfer is a multi-billion dollar fee based financial service. Large financial institutions have had a monopoly on moving or converting currency for decades. However, today we can provide the same service at the best rates with no hidden fees. Transparent pricing enables you to access the platform at your convenience 24/7. Contact a local advisor to discuss your options and get a free no obligation quote. 

Transparent and Proven Technology

Our partner platform provides unprecedented access to the underlying inter-bank foreign exchange trading market. Eliminate the bank's black box pricing, that builds fees into the price. As globalization drives international trade and integration into the global economy. We believe cost-effective global money transfer is one of the best solutions we offer our clients.  With us you can pay multiple beneficiaries in seconds and know you are saving money in fees.  

Risk Management strategies with Futures 

Manage your future foreign currency requirements by locking in your rate today. Take the risk out of currency fluctuation by managing your business needs with futures. Merchant Advance can help importers with cash flow. Take your supplier credit terms knowing you have the funds ready; benefit if the rates go up or go down. Agility offer forward rates out to 12 months. Forwards required a deposit of 5-10% of contract value to reserve future payment.