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Perue Global was founded in response to a changing Canadian construction industry. The industry is facing crisis as workforce shortage and slowing economy put many small businesses at risk. We have created an exclusive roof replacement ( re-roof) financing program. This program has many benefits but with two stakeholders in mind:

1. Real Estate Owner - The asset manager or property manager are exposed to critical component failure due to; deferred maintenance, high cost of capital replacement and being unaware of the age, condition and service life of these components. Our program was designed to allow owners to take large capital expenses and defer payment or spread payment over a long period of time. This is helpful for asset managers, that are generating income while they repay for the roof. Technically, we can finance any commercial real estate fixture. However, we are focusing on roofing as it has been neglected by traditional equipment leasing because the roof becomes part of the real estate. Our partners are willing to take 2 or 3rd position and an offer 12-60 months repayment terms. We solve the biggest problem in a proactive commercial real estate asset management strategy. 

2. Manufacturers - Roof manufacturers have considered financing options for many years. However, this service is still not available due to the risk of contractor non-performance and extended or heightened warranty exposure. The risk reward or cost benefit of such as program made it not a commercially feasible option. Our roof financing program is specifically designed for manufacturers with full-service technical and product support such as Tremco.

For Owners

Convert major capital expense into affordable operating expenses. 

Bring your own architect, engineer and contractor.

Only high-quality roofing systems qualify.

Iron-clad contract - performance based. Higher accountability.

For Contractors

Able to sell more roofing contracts with new financing tool.

Get paid upfront from projects that may take weeks to complete.

No hold-back once project is funded. 

For Consultants (Consulting Engineer)

Able to create a new revenue stream.

Create competitive advantage. Ideal for national players.

For Manufacturers 

More owners and contractors will choose to defer payments.

Able to sell for roofing contracts with new financing tool.

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