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Businesses trade goods and services for money. These funds are used to trade more goods and services. In a global economy, competition is no longer visible in your local neighbourhood. In fact, neither are your new customers. 

Don't be caught off-guard by global foreign policy that affects your country's national economy and your business. Employ diversification as a simple risk management strategy. Look for new opportunities in new , emerging markets 

We have partnered with financial service providers, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, consultants and contractors to offer clients access to a new digital method to buy. 

Our team of dedicated account managers match your products and services with other businesses looking to buy these goods/services. 



Small Business Loans


Explore financing options tailored for each stage of your business growth. 


1 Minute Online Application process.

3 Easy, Simple Steps


Receive approval notification within 24 hours. Funding within 3-4 days.


Funds get deposited directly. Choose from flexible and fixed payment options.


Agile project management techniques applied to all facets of your business. From IT, Human Resources, Operations, Sales & Marketing. Take control of your business with a dedicated consultant in your local area. Free Consultation >

Perue Global was founded on strategic partnerships. We are not going to sell you tickets to a workshop or speaking engagement. Our fee is 100% contingent on performance. We are seasoned professionals with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Our partners provide resources and access to real products and services. 

  • Business Planning & Incorporation

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Property Management

  • Tax Preparation & Accounting

  • Corporate Finance | Merger & Acquisitions

  • Risk Management


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Direct Sales

Give the customer a deal they can't refuse... easily

There are many proven direct sales techniques. Similar to our digital marketing strategy, we employ a dynamic mix that appeals to various audiences. Once we identify a method with the greatest return on investment, we abandon the others and focus our enegy and resources on the tool that works the best. We use a combination of data analytics and intuition to tailor a program that needs your short-term and long-term business objectives. 

Direct Mailer | Door to Door Canvassing| Telemarketing | Email Marketing | Social Media > DEMO & CLOSE

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Project Management

Have you noticed that most PMs don't deliver successful projects?


Advanced Project Management Advisory Services

Take the risk out of the project by working with a performance based compensation structure. Your consultants get paid, whether or not the project is successful. Our client's holdback 10-25% of the contracted fee as a performance bonus. We pass on this structure to manufacturers and contractors in the network.This allows local contractors to bid on your work, or bring your own contractor but benefit from a 3rd party, trusted PM advisor. 

#Construction Management 

#Specialty Contractor

#Contractor Network

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Asset Management

Unexpected major capital projects like Roofing and HVAC negatively impact your portfolios financial performance.

We help asset managers improve performance in two ways; 1. In the event there is unexpected system failure, we can help you to reduce your expense by providing access to exclusive products and services. 

2. Prevent capital expenses, by extending the service life of major equipment and fixtures i.e roof, HVAC & flooring

We help you understand the total cost of ownership when taking on long-term capital commitment.

#Warranty Management

#National Specification

#Cost Leadership

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Property Management

National Service offers property managers unparalleled service coverage, responsiveness, cost savings and ease of business. 

Over the years we have developed a national network of construction service providers. Through a network of manufacturers, distributors, consultants and contractors we offer same day national emergency leak calls, HVAC repair and disaster response. 

#Restoration #Disaster Response

#Preventive Maintenance

#Reroof #HVAC Replacement

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"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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