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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important management consulting field. A well executed plan not as effective as a poorly executed strategic plan tied to clear goals and objectives. Where you are going and focusing your energy is more important that how hard you work. 

We help our clients to set priorities, allocate resources wisely and improve operational efficiency. By focusing energy on shared results and common goals we can transform culture and move the organisation towards change. We help owners make informed decisions that shape and guide the company's future. A strategic plan does three things well:

1. Define the company's current situation and where it wants to go.

2. Define the necessary steps to take your business towards your goals.

3. How do we define if these steps were successful. 

Want to start a business or launching a new project? We are experts are business plan development. We can help articulate to the bank or investors, your value proposition. A strategic plan communicates the company's goals, priorities and milestones.

Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning & Management is the catalyst of all successful businesses. As strategist, we work with company's to define their strategy , refine the decision making process and improve resource allocation. We can make your business plan a strategic one.


How do you get from where you are today... to where you want to get tomorrow?

> Setting goals 

> Determining actions to achieve the goals 

> Mobilizing resources to execute the goals


Our program includes a comprehensive 3 day evaluation to determine:

> Your company strengths and weaknesses

> Your REAL key corporate and personal values  

> You current  industry opportunities and threats

> Broader socio-economic climate of your industry

What's the Benefit of Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning leads to strategic management and we know that effective management makes the

difference between a successful business and a poor performer. We will help you to develop and implement

company-wide, systematic process change. This is difficult, because employees and managers are resistant to change. 

We help you create a feedback loop that asks tough questions and pushes your staff to define and embrace successful behaviour.

How does Perue Global put it all together?

There are many strategic frameworks that your business can take. We will work with you find the right methodology for your unique business situation. 

1. SWOT Analysis: Assess the current internal and external treats and opportunities. 

2. Strategy Formulation: Document and communicate the strategic plan to all the stakeholders. 

3. Strategic Execution: Develop inter organizational process and activities. 

4. Evaluation: Consistent performance management and strategic evaluation. 



Check out this informative video about strategic planning... 



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