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I started this company part-time in 2008 as Shaper Media. Since then, the company has evolved to full-service business management consulting. We put it all together; business planning, business development, sales and marketing, accounting, legal, real estate, finance, IT and human resources. 

Let's be frank, I'm a broker now. After 10 years of this part-time hustle and helping others to build their companies and dreams. We are here to help grow businesses but as business partners. We have entered into strategic independent partnerships with a wide range of manufacturers, distributors, consultants and contractors to offer our clients exclusive access to high quality products and service at high volume discount prices. 

Our commitment to our clients is not just a deep discount on everyday products and services. It's not just a commitment to high quality workmanship from the national service network. It's all of those things, but most importantly it's a commitment to fighting for your best interest.

Our sustainability revenue model is performance based, we get paid when you get paid. 1. X% of sales revenue. Begin with partners with experience, education and proven past performance in business development. 

Shane Perue, Managing Partner


Canadian Federation of Independent Business | CFIB

Fighting for Canadian Small Businesses. We endorse CFIB | Join Today >

Small businesses face many challenges as they compete for market share and fight for tight margins. 97% of all businesses in Canada are small business, although they aren't all independent. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business offers the best voice for small businesses. With only 110,000 members of over 1M small businesses in Canda, we need to support CFIB, so we have a strong advocate for lower taxes, better regulations and a stronger small business environment.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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