Business Development 


Business Development is more than sales and marketing, it's about building engagement and brand recognition. 

We are able to fill your "PIPELINE" and generate more "PROFIT".


10 Ways to develop your business. If you are able to do any of these tasks, then give us a call. We will provide a solution or train your sales team to implement some of these BEST PRACTICES.



Generate warm leads.

Engage with decision makers.

Be prepared for your sales call.

Conduct a thorough needs analysis.

Determine interest and read buying signals.

Be creative & visual.

Manage the follow-up process.

Take control, be persistent. 

Keep the energy & excitement all the way through.

The real work begins when the contract is signed.


There are many proven direct sales techniques. Similar to our digital marketing strategy, we employ a dynamic mix that appeals to various audiences. Once we identify a method with the greatest return on investment, we abandon the others and focus our enegy and resources on the tool that works the best. We use a combination of data analytics and intuition to tailor a program that needs your short-term and long-term business objectives. 

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Perue Global understands that if we want to help grow your business; not only do you need a good strategy and working capital. You also need an effective business development game plan. We can consult in the following areas:

Global Branding

Graphic design and social media content management is the most effective method to create a targeted local or global brand.

Event Management

Digital marketing is effective, but nothing beats direct sales. However email or mailers have poor ROI. We will help you design a networking event that will reach your target audience. 

Real Estate

We have partnered with many interior designers both for home and commercial real estate. From major office moves/relocate to interior fit-outs. Our design team has the style and resources to create eye catching design concepts. 

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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