Perue Global understands that if we want to help grow your business; not only do you need a good strategy and working capital. You also need an effective business development game plan. We can consult in the following areas:

Global Branding

Graphic design and social media content management is the most effective method to create a targeted local or global brand.

Event Management

Digital marketing is effective, but nothing beats direct sales. However email or mailers have poor ROI. We will help you design a networking event that will reach your target audience. 

Real Estate

We have partnered with many interior designers both for home and commercial real estate. From major office moves/relocate to interior fit-outs. Our design team has the style and resources to create eye catching design concepts. 



Strategic Business Development: Purpose-driven Design

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Effectively communicate your company's value proposition with eye popping infographics.


Graphic design is more important today than in a print era, because buyers are making their buying decisions online. 75+% of shoppers will research the product or service website before a purchase.


E-commerce and mobile commerce are the hottest and fastest growing markets. Let's connect you with a local design partner in your area. We utilize a combination of in-house and 3rd party service providers to deliver your project.




We have an eye for design. Check out our event management and interior design companies. 

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We offer in-house event management services. Choose from our venue or any venue of your own. Full decor, music, food and entertainment available. Many options and themes to choose from. Our build your own package. 

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Residential and Commercial interior design services. Interior remodel with a modern elegant style. Our suppliers and contractors provide first class products and services.

Grow your Design Business

Perue Global is often asked by our clients to prepare a wide range of design services. We are looking for more qualified freelance web designers, graphic designers, video: pre & post production, content writers.

In order to participate, please submit samples of your work and references. 

We ask that you offer our clients a 10-15% on your retail prices.

We will add your business to our database and automatically match you with service requests in your local area. 

We charge our supplier/service partners with a 5% commission fee. This is offset by the discount applied to the customer. We are therefore a free service to the client and performance based remuneration from the supplier/ contractor.


"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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