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Every Canadian needs to be aware of the following information:


Do you feel overwhelmed by your current debt load? Are you paying large compound interest rates, which never seem to get you any closer to paying off your debt? This new revolutionary debt consolidation system will solve your debt problems quickly.

We do not ask for your social insurance or credit card numbers.


Every Canadian needs to be aware of the following information:


Why does this not affect your credit?


You are not negotiating due to not having the money to pay the creditors out, you are negotiating due to the fact your creditor does not have the proper paperwork proving they are still the rightful owners of the debt.

Really, at this point you can see how the banks have no right to collect anything due to the fact if they sold the debt they already got paid and no longer own the debt. Were we to forward them the funds, they would be paid twice.

The truth of the matter is that the Canadian system is not ready to allow people to fully discharge their debts, but together with a private lender negotiating a minimum 25% discount while being released from the compound interest trap, while not affecting your credit report, is a very realistic expectation.

The four most common questions we are asked:


1. Does debt consolidation affect my credit in a negative way?


No. Debt consolidation does not affect your credit in a negative way. Debt consolidation is often confused with consumer proposals. Consumer proposals affect your credit in a negative way while debt consolidation does not.


2. What will my interest rate be?


We guarantee that when using a private lender, the interest rates you are paying your present creditor will be reduced.

A common misconception within the marketplace is that private lenders charge higher interest rates than the banks do. Considering credit card interest rates range between 17% to 34% compounded interest and payday loans are even higher, a private lender can easily beat these rates due to the fact that private lenders charge simple interest, not compound interest.

On the home page of our web site, there is a segment of a video you can watch that shows, in an entertaining way, how expensive compound interest is, compared to simple interest.

In general, when dealing with a bank, they will quote you a rate with a “take it or leave it” attitude, allowing little to no room for you to negotiate. A private lender will inquire about your file, once it is on our system. With the help of your representative, we will negotiate the terms and conditions and interest rate of your loan(s) with the private lender. This will guarantee to receive a better rate than you are paying your present creditor(s).


3. Are there any upfront fees?


No. There are no upfront fees, or application fees.


4. If there are no upfront fees, how do you make your money?


We do not make any money until we provide you a 25% discount off of what you owe your creditors. Our fee is the percentage of the negotiated discount over and above the 25% discount promised to you. Therefore, if we manage to obtain a 40% discount, we would make 15% while you retain, and save, the other 25%.

The private lender is the one who pays our fee, which creates a win win situation. Therefore, this is a free service to you.

Keep in mind that if your debt is over $20,000.00, you can negotiate a larger discount than 25%.

The rule of thumb is that the larger the amount owed to your creditors, the stronger your negotiation position is to get a larger discount from your new private lender.


Every Canadian Needs to be Aware of OUR FREE Debt Consolidation Service.

Does the private lender give me the money to pay my creditors?


When obtaining debt consolidation via a private lender, they will not give the client (you) the funds to pay out the creditor.

The private lender is buying the debt or asset directly from the creditor and therefore will be paying out your creditor in full directly.

The private lender will pay your creditor directly, once your creditor proves they are still the rightful owner of the debt.

What to expect once you submit your secure application: 


In the beginning, it is a waiting game, and with patience it will pay off.


You can expect a friendly professional representative of the private lender to contact you within 24hrs. At this point a more specific estimate is not possible. This is due to the supply and demand of applicants and lenders within the marketplace.

Once your file is on our system, we will assist you in negotiating a lower rate with a private lender than you are paying your present creditors. Funding offers start to come in from private investors within 4 days.

Now that you know the best-kept secret of the banks, and have the keys to financial freedom in your hands, use them. Fill out our secure application form today.

Compound and simple interest


Compound interest is far more expensive than simple interest. Simple interest can save you thousands of dollars, but if you have a bank loan or credit card debt, you are paying it back at compound interest rates. It serves to benefit the banks, but that expense consumes money you could be using for your debt payments.

Our private lenders charge simple interest, and that, in turn, will save you thousands of dollars. You will be able to see for yourself below.

Please watch the following video from 7:50 to 9:30. It provides a great illustration of how using simple interest will save you thousands of dollars when compared to compound interest.

Simple Illustration: Put $100,000 into each calculator below and check out the results.

Simple Interest Calculator | Compound Interest Calculator