"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."~ Elon Musk

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“Does your workload fluctuate throughout the year?

Do you need specialized talent for short term projects?


Then hire a consultant, not an employee to grow your business” - Shane Perue


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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important management consulting field. A well executed plan not as effective as a poorly executed strategic plan tied to clear goals and objectives. Where you are going and focusing your energy is more important that how hard you work. 

We help our clients to set priorities, allocate resources wisely and improve operational efficiency. By focusing energy on shared results and common goals we can transform culture and move the organisation towards change. We help owners make informed decisions that shape and guide the company's future. A strategic plan does three things well:

1. Define the company's current situation and where it wants to go.

2. Define the necessary steps to take your business towards your goals.

3. How do we define if these steps were successful. 

Want to start a business or launching a new project? We are experts are business plan development. We can help articulate to the bank or investors, your value proposition. A strategic plan communicates the company's goals, priorities and milestones.




By bringing together a professional alliance of business management, finance and accounting professionals,

We achieve success through a relentless commitment to service excellence, outstanding for client support and access to amazing products and services. We are a local business, with a global perspective that specializes in catering to the needs of small businesses owner. 

Our multi-prong approach is designed to add value to owners , through advice, strategy and implementation of process to address operational problems. We view these problems as opportunities. Our primary goal is to ensure that all clients are delivered high-value solutions with a direct focus on results and client experience.

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In order to maximize value for our clients, we have partnered with manufacturer's, distributors, consulting engineers, contractors and other innovative products and services. We offer you access to these unique solutions exclusively on our website. 

Your vendors are very important to your business. They are an integral part of your supply chain.  But what if one let's you down? That can negatively impact your business. Eliminate that risk by working with a broker. We will ensure you have a pool of products or service providers that meet your pre-qualification criteria. We will build a program online that allows you to view your contractor's pre-qualification documents and request service calls or re-order supplies. 

Risk Management

Uncertainty in future business outcomes results in risk.

The best way to manage risk is to eliminate the impact and likelihood of the risk event occurring. After years of research and trial an error. The most comprehensive risk management strategies and resources are provided by the Government of Canada.


Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Export Development Canada (EDC) 


Our team has over 100 years of combined construction services experience in Canada. From building envelope; roofing, cladding & glazing to HVAC & Flooring. We offer full-service construction management including national vendor relationships, contract management, project management and support to asset and property managers with ongoing maintenance and warranty management.

Project Management

Have you noticed that most PMs don't deliver successful projects?


Advanced Project Management Advisory Services

Take the risk out of the project by working with a performance based compensation structure. Your consultants get paid, whether or not the project is successful. Our client's holdback 10-25% of the contracted fee as a performance bonus.

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Asset Management

Unexpected major capital projects like Roofing and HVAC negatively impact your portfolios financial performance.

We help asset managers improve performance in two ways;

1. In the event there is unexpected system failure, we can help you to reduce your expense by providing access to exclusive products and services. 

2. Prevent capital expenses, by extending the service life of major equipment and fixtures i.e roof, HVAC & flooring

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