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Private Small Business Financing


We have the know-how you need to grow your business.


Focus on growing your business, with peace of mind. Working capital today, based on future sales. 

Raising capital is challenging, so we have partnered with several national private lenders, financial services brokers, trade associations and business consultants to deliver turn-key global business solutions. Our easy pre-approval process takes the stress out of the buying experience. Whether you are hiring, leasing equipment or vehicles. Make the strategic decision for your business, knowing you have already secured access to funding. 

Our strategic network brings over $200M and 50,000 brokers nationally engaged in merchant advance and small business finance lead generation, brokerage, underwriting and client care. Our online platform matches you with a local advisor or financial service provider in your area. 

Rates are based on the individual borrowers credit score and risk profile. Each lender has specific funding criteria. Our advisors will match you with the lender with the highest likelihood of approval with the lowest rate. Terms from six(6) to twenty-four (24) months. Incentives for early payback. Fully open loan with 10% discount of remaining balance. Cut your interest paid with flexible repayment plan. Unsecured small business loan up to $5M. 



Our services use online software technology to pre-qualify our clients. Unfortunately, some small businesses aren't ready for financing. They need more sales, we can help with sales and marketing.  However, At Perue Global, we listen to your needs, evaluate your market situation, make recommendations and tailor custom business development solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

If you’ve been in business for at least six months and an average of $5,000 per month in deposits, we can fund your growth.


We provide tailored solutions for our clients, so each deal is different and subject to different terms depending on the client's needs and business performance. Typically applications are funded as follows: 

For deals under $100,00 | same day - 24 hours

For deals between $100-250,000 |3-5 days

For deals $1,000,000 or more|  7-10 days


The simple answer is interest rates and insurance. Our brokers and financial service partners are private equity backed investors. The banks are public and follow strict risk mitigation strategies to protect their shareholders. The bank can lend far more than our partners can, but they only have an appetite for AAA risk customers. The cost to insure their portfolio is lower due to lower risk. Therefore the cost to borrow with the bank will be +/- prime based on the client's risk profile. 

At Perue Global, our partners have a broad appetite for risk, each financial services provider has a unique specialty. PG is one of the few marketing brokers to consolidate all these services under one simple to navigate financial services online hub. 

Whether you need financing for pay-roll,materials, tools and equipment. Flex loans make your cash flow. So you have peace of mind during slower winter months. 



Alternative Financing | Unsecured Loans

Small business loans are risky, so traditional lenders require collateral to keep the risk within their lending criteria and risk tolerance thresholds. Despite this according to local bank advisors 60-70% of small business loans are declined. Our lenders accept a wide range of credit risk, in fact, the merchant advance, invoice factoring, alternative financing companies were specifically design to support small business owners. The disadvantage is that unsecured loans usually include higher interest or factor rates than secured business loans because they are more risky for lenders. We are the largest non-banking small business financing alliance in Canada and have access to a wide range of unsecured and secured products.


Unsecured financing means your business will pay more over the life of the loan. However, start-ups and small business owners rarely can access secured loans. We work with small business financial advisors, mortgage agents and brokers to help their clients get alternate financing.

Stop chasing bank agents that are trying to disqualify you, based on strict lending criteria. Take the stress out of growing your business by working with small business advisors that work with small business everyday that want to help your business grow 

Get funds to grow your business. Ideal for companies with variable monthly income. 

Get funds to acquire equipment to grow your business. Ideal for companies in construction and mining

Get funds to grow your business. Ideal for companies with consistent monthly income. 

Get funds through private equity or debt to grow your small business.

Ideal for small business retailers:

Restaurants | Spa

Mechanics | Rentals

Health & Wellness

Shops | Taxi | Gym



Ideal for Real Estate Owners Seeking to Buy or Lease:



LED Lighting

Solar Panels

Ideal for small business suppliers:

Manufacturers | Fabricators

Distributors | Construction

Professional Services


Oil & Gas | Mining

| Gym


Ideal for small business owners:

Breweries | Contractors

Manufacturers | Marine

Professional Services

Agriculture | Lab | Gym


Ideal for small businesses that are either looking for funds to grow or funds from the proceeds of sale of your business. Perhaps you want to go public and want advice on regulatory compliance.



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