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Small businesses face many challenges as they compete for market share and fight for tight margins. 97% of all businesses in Canada are small business, although they aren't all independent. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business offers the best voice for small businesses. With only 110,000 members of over 1M small businesses in Canda, we need to support CFIB, so we have a strong advocate for lower taxes, better regulations and a stronger small business environment.


David Gens

Is your bank helping you get access to CSBFP loans?

fightspam.gc.ca | Published June 18, 2014

There is a continued need for the Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP). Smaller, younger and higher‑risk businesses have difficulty obtaining financing in Canada as they may face obstacles that others do not with respect to collateral, credit history, expertise and the lender having insufficient information regarding the borrower's operation and potential profitability.

Read full story @fightspam.gc.ca

Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured in Business in Vancouver

biv.com | Published April 6, 2018

The common plight of start-up tech companies is one of struggle – of taking years to first get off the ground and become profitable. Or, all too often, striving to fulfil the promise of an initial idea before crashing into a hard wall of business reality.

Read full story @ BIV.com

Kris McCusker

Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured On Toronto News 680

680news.com | Published November 24, 2017

The question posed to David Gens – CEO of Merchant Advance Capital – on Black Friday, a day known by that name because it’s the day the big box stores go into the “black” and start turning a profit, is; “how can the one million + Canadian small businesses compete against the scale of larger company’s during black Friday?”

Iron Mike

Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

January 14, 2017

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David Gens

Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured in Financial Post

financialpost.com | Published April 13, 2018

I launched Merchant Advance Capital at the age of 22 from the den of my apartment in Vancouver. Random fact: people who work in finance are not just spreadsheet junkies – at the same time as starting my business, I was also the drummer in a rock band, Head of the Herd.

Read full story @financialpost.com

William Johnson

Merchant Advance’s David Gens Featured on Betakit.com

betakit.com | Published March12, 2018

When David Gens started Merchant Advance Capital in 2010, his first customer was a small Calgary-based retailer. The owner was a former roommate who was importing trinkets and furniture from Bali to his store, Bali and Beyond. Without an obvious market for his products from the small Indonesian island, the owner struggled — not with actual sales, but with simply securing a loan from a traditional financial institution to grow his business.

Read full story @Betakit.com

Iron Mike

Merchant Advance Capital ranked 19th Fastest Growing Company in Canada: PROFIT 500

January 14, 2017

Merchant Advance Capital is honoured to be named 19th on the 29th annual PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. With an impressive five-year revenue growth of 3,055%, the company has been ranked in the top 4% of candidates in the list.

Read full story @ at Canadian Business


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